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Sysadmin trying to be a Site Reliability Engineer @ Loggi

While reading Erik Bernhardsson's article I realized that thinking about the Total Compensation makes more sense instead of salary as the single income source and I'll try to explain my thoughts throughout this article.

Salary is only one component of your total compensation, which includes the value of any benefits…

W ho never heard the term CI/CD? Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are common practices widely used by most technology companies as part of the development cycle to make product development faster.

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The most common development cycle done in most technology companies is that developers make all code changes in…

Nowadays the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (i.e.: CI/CD) practices are widely used by most of the technology companies and the goal of these practices is to speed up product development.

Deployment pipeline by {}

To understand how the Release Manager model fits into these practices we may take a look at the path…

After while running Celery + RabbitMQ in production, you face several issues, which make you learn more about both technologies. In this article, I’ll try to share some os the most common issues and some best practices that can help with those issues.

What’s Celery?

According Celery Project website

Celery is an…

Imagine you, in a beautiful sunny day, running your production environment when suddenly…

Your database SHUTDOWN!

First thing to do is put everything up & running again and, after that you start the diagnostic job. …

Italo Santos

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